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Neil Parag Parikh, CEO of PPFAS Mutual Fund, stresses the importance of emergency funds and having a proper plan for investing taking into account short, medium, and long-term goals. He advises people not to invest based solely on past returns or recommendations, but rather to do proper research and get an asset allocation done in accordance with their risk profile. He also considers behavioural biases as a factor to take into account when making investment decisions.

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India amended a bill last week to tax investments in debt mutual funds as short-term capital gains, a move that could strip investors of the long-term tax benefits that had made such investments popular.

ETMutualFunds considered equity and equity-oriented schemes like large cap, mid cap, small cap, large & mid cap, multi cap, flexi cap, focused funds, aggressive hybrid funds, dynamic asset allocation/balanced advantage fund, and equity savings schemes for this study.

From April 1, capital gains made on debt mutual funds, gold funds and international schemes will be added to taxable income and taxed according to the applicable income tax slab rate. The government made this unexpected announcemet in an amendment in the Finance Bill 2023.

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If you are planning to invest in tax saving mutual funds or equity linked savings schemes to save taxes, you should remember the following points.

SEBI also prescribed more disclosures around environment, social and governance (ESG) issues.

The new timeline will come into force from July 1, 2023, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) said in a circular.

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Out of 491 schemes, only 42 schemes offered positive returns in the first three months of the year. Around 40 schemes offered single-digit returns.

Sandeep Bagla, CEO of TRUST AMC, predicts that bond funds could perform well in 2024 due to increased yields and a potential decrease in inflation. He advises retail investors to turn to mutual funds rather than going direct to access equity markets as a fund manager has more resources to determine the long-term value of a company. Bagla believes that global diversification in 2023 could be better than in 2022 and suggests focusing on longer-term factors and values during periods of volatility.

Three fixed maturity plans, two gilt funds, one dynamic asset allocation, ELSS, fund of fund, ETF, and index fund are currently open for subscription in the market.

In addition to debt mutual fund schemes, there are several other categories that are treated as debt for taxation, which will lose indexation benefits.

The markets regulator had earlier asked all the existing individual unite holders holding mutual fund units either solely or jointly to provide nomination by March 31, failing which the folios would be frozen for debits.

"Overall, I do not see this as a big dampener for the entire debt category. Mutual funds provide liquidity, which is not available otherwise," said Devang Shah, co-head, fixed income at Axis Mutual Fund.

Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs have become synonymous with mutual funds. These days many investors say they are investing in SIPs when they want to say they are investing in mutual funds through the SIP route.

Many investors are considering investing in debt schemes to claim long term capital gains tax. Is it a wise move? Where should you invest?

Nilesh Shah of Kotak AMC states that investments made before 31st March 2023 will continue to get the benefits of long-term capital gains and indexation. However, investors in the upper tax bracket will have to pay higher taxes. Shah believes that the AMC industry will have to focus more on financial education, as investors must be smart in understanding how they park their money. There are also many other potential options in the mutual fund industry, such as short-term bond funds, floating rate funds, and guilt funds.

"The withdrawal of indexation of debt fund gains can be seen more as a concerted attempt to move away from tax arbitrage and create a level playing field. Hopefully, tax rates will also be reduced over time to adjust for inflation," Bank of Baroda chief economist Madan Sabnavis said.

At least three asset management companies (AMCs) have together opened 16 international equity mutual fund programmes for lump-sum investments up to the amounts legally permissible. The Finance Bill amendments, applicable from the next financial year beginning April 1, will remove indexation benefits for debt-oriented savings plans.

"Demand for above three-year corporate bonds would be impacted, and we could see some steepening of the curve right from one-year to five-year point, and spreads with government bond yields could see 10 basis points of widening" said Raju Sharma, head fixed income at IDBI Mutual fund.

Ever since the news came out, many investors were asking around whether there are any ways to avoid the extra tax. Sure, experts never fail such investors. They have been offering many quick-fix solutions.

The deadline for all the existing mutual fund folios, including jointly-held ones, is on March 31. Failure to do so will result in the folios frozen for debits.

From April 1, capital gains arising from investments in debt mutual fund schemes will be added to taxable income and taxed in line with the income tax slab rate. The government made this unexpected change as part of amendments in the Finance Bill last week.

We examine the key fundamentals of the fund, its portfolio and performance to help you make an informed investment decision.

MNC funds invest in a diversified portfolio of multinational corporations, typically across different sectors, such as technology, healthcare, consumer goods and energy.

There are various points to remember before the financial year ends, Here is a list of different areas one needs to check.

"Fixed deposits will be at par with some debt schemes once the tax advantage is gone from a retail investor's perspective," said Ashish Shankar, MD and CEO, Motilal Oswal Private Wealth. "For HNIs and family offices, direct debt and structured debt will become more attractive."

I also believe that the way the mutual funds have been playing the development role on the bond market, which I think is one of the most needed for the country as a whole, in addition to the equity market.

Many anxious investors are calling their advisors to talk about the tax treatment of their debt mutual fund investments. Advisors have been telling investors that all investments made before March 31,2023 will continue to enjoy LTCG and Indexation benefits.

Indexation helps investors to bring down taxes as it calculates the taxes after accounting for inflation. In a high inflation environment, indexation brings down the taxes significantly.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India, in its circular dated May 8, 2017, allowed the use of e-wallets for investment in mutual funds within the umbrella limit of Rs 50,000 for investments by investors, especially the young generation -- to purchase these instruments through both e-wallet and/or cash per mutual fund per financial year.

Quant Mutual Fund has launched a Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund that provides 100% flexibility in shifting between debt and equity. The company aims to target a new investor audience, such as people who invest in FDs but are reluctant to take risks. They believe the new fund can generate extra alpha over FD returns and offer a similar low-volatility product with better taxation. The fund can be used as a debt tax savings product, while Sebi also allows exiting 100% from equity or participating in 100% debt. The fund aims to generate alpha opportunistically when extreme or special situations arise.

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ETMutualFunds looked at the ELSS category to see whether the schemes in it managed to beat their benchmarks over the 10-year period. There were 27 schemes in the ELSS category that have completed 10 years of existence.

By investing in a fund of funds, which offers asset diversification, investors may also benefit from lower risks as it follows a passive investment strategy.

Deals beyond a certain value require approval from the regulator, as it keeps a tab on unfair business practices in the market place.

The move set the U.S. central bank's benchmark overnight interest rate in the 4.75%-5.00% range, with updated projections showing 10 of 18 Fed policymakers still expect rates to rise another quarter of a percentage point by the end of this year, the same endpoint seen in the December projections.

The small cap category has faced a lot of volatility in the interim. The category delivered around 2.19% return in the last one year horizon.

Midcaps and smallcaps tend to feel the pinch more than largecaps during macroeconomic advents. This is despite valuation in the smaller caps also correcting. Some profit booking in midcap and smallcap stocks could occur in the nervous market but one should start nibbling back into increasing equity allocation to domestic equities, especially largecaps. Kotak AMC's CIO-Equity, Harsha Upadhyaya, believes the valuation risk remains minimal in largecaps, making them attractive to investors for long-term investments.

Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC CEO A Balasubramanian says the firm’s exposure to the Adani Group has been paid on time or earlier than the due date. SIP cancellations might occur, however, the net number should remain positive moving forward. The upcoming election should see a positive outcome for the Indian market. Stocks in the consumption segment would be the least volatile with no earning negative surprises.

According to regulatory guidelines, investors should have a nominee for all their mutual fund folios, or inform the fund house they do not wish to have one by March 31. Otherwise, their folios will be frozen for debits.

"Concerns on growth and financial stability point to easier than expected monetary conditions. If this contagion in the global banking system continues, monetary policy will continue to be easy, making it a good time to allocate some money to long duration bonds with a 5-10 year maturity." says Sandeep Bagla, CEO, Trust Mutual Fund.

As per Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) data as of January 2023, individual mutual fund investors have 80% of their total mutual fund allocation towards equity schemes, and only 14% of the allocation is towards debt-oriented schemes.

Silver ETFs also have an advantage over SIlver futures which are also traded on the exchanges. The former is traded on exchanges in the form of stocks, Solanki said. Trading in silver futures and for that matter any derivative is complicated while ETFs are much simpler to understand, he added.

Around nine fixed maturity plans (FMPs), five gilt funds, two ETFs and two fund of funds (FoF), and one ELSS and index fund scheme are open for subscription in the market.

If you have any mutual fund queries, message us on ET Mutual Funds on Facebook. We will get it answered by our panel of experts.

For some people investment is an activity where there is a lot of action all the time. They strongly believe that to get returns one needs to actively manage their portfolio and churn appropriately, says Suresh Sadagopan.

The NSE Nifty fell 111.65 points or 0.65% to close at 16,988.40. The BSE Sensex declined 360.95 points or 0.62% to end at 57,628.95. "It's the fear factor that the crisis in the developed market financial system will not end soon which is dragging down the market at the moment," said Siddarth Bhamre, head, research, Religare Broking.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Hariom Pipe is a premium manufacturer of iron and steel products. The company has a diverse product portfolio consisting of mild steel billets, pipes and tubes, hot rolled coils and scaffolding systems.

Recently, Avalon completed a total pre-IPO placement of Rs 160 crore consisting of 80 crore of primary or fresh issuance and 80 crore of secondary share sales. In the pre-IPO placement, the company garnered Rs 60 crore each from UNIFI Financial Private Limited and Ashoka India Equity Investment Trust Plc and Rs 40 crore from India Acorn Fund Limited.

The IPO comprises fresh issue of 10.95 lakh shares and plans to raise about Rs 5.15 crore from the public offer. About 57,000 equity shares of the company aggregating to Rs 26.79 lakh have been reserved for the market maker.

According to market sources, the shares of Udayshivakumar are commanding a premium of Rs 7-8 in the unlisted market on Friday. If we consider the upper end of the price band, the company's shares are expected to get listed at a premium of 20% over the offer price.

Pre-filing, introduced by the Securities and Exchange Board of India in November last year, allows the details of the preliminary filing to be kept confidential, unlike in the normal filing where the DRHP becomes a public document. This option provides companies greater flexibility on the issue size during the initial stage, and they can change the amount of freshly issued shares in the proposal by up to 50% till an updated DRHP is filed.

The IPO comprises a fresh issue of shares worth 12.5 billion rupees ($152.1 million) and an offer for sale of 109.4 million shares, according to the draft prospectus - unchanged from its last filing - dated March 30.

For the quarter ended September 2022, the company reported a revenue of Rs 53 crore, with PAT coming in at Rs 1.95 crore. The company has been profitable in FY22 and FY21 as well. A large portion of the company’s revenue is generated in utility services.

​​ The total customer count has increased to 89 with an outstanding order book of Rs 1190 crore at the end of November 2022, compared with 72 a year ago when it had an order book of Rs 918 crore. The company has net debt of Rs 304 crore in the first eight months of FY23, compared with Rs 250 crore in the year-ago period. The 6S market contributes 57% to the revenue while the balance is from India.

The company develops pharma intermediates and works with pharmaceutical companies who seek USFDA compliant manufacturing facilities as a part of their supply chain.

The company, in consultation with the lead bankers to the issue, may consider a pre-IPO placement aggregating up to Rs 51 crore. If such placement is completed, the fresh issue size will be reduced.

The IPO consists of a fresh issue of ₹320 crore and an offer for sale (OFS) of shares worth ₹545 crore by promoters and existing shareholders. The company will use the proceeds from the fresh issue for debt payment, working capital requirements, and general corporate purposes.

According to market sources, the grey market premium (GMP) of Udayshivakumar Infra, which indicates the premium commanded by shares in the unlisted market, has risen in the past few days to around Rs 15 currently.

“Each business group and company can pursue independent fundraising and IPOs when they are ready,” Zhang said in a statement.

The company had filed preliminary IPO papers with Sebi on January 4, 2023. The IPO consists of a fresh issue of Rs 202.50 crore and an offer-for-sale of up to 5.7 million equity shares by its existing shareholders and promoters.

According to market sources, the company's shares are being enquired for a premium of Rs 25-30 in the unlisted market. The company is yet to announce the price band for the IPO.

Avalon is a fully integrated electronic manufacturing company that offers end-to-end service solutions. The company has 12 manufacturing units located across the US and India. Some of its key clients include Kyosan India, Zonar Systems Inc, Collins Aerospace, and eInfochips, among others

In the filing, Oyo will outline plans to sell just a third of the new shares it originally planned, eroding the amount of fresh capital it is expected to receive.

Backed by investors such as Sequoia Capital and Belgium's Sofina, Mamaearth is now in a "wait and watch mode", a Reuters report said, citing turbulence in stock markets globally amid worries about the financial health of banks.

The company has cut the size of its IPO to Rs 865 crore from Rs 1,025 crore planned earlier. The reduction in the IPO size was a result of the pre-IPO placement carried out by the company, which amounted to Rs 160 crore.

Steel bars and wires manufacturer Maiden Forgings opened for IPO on March 23 to raise Rs 23.84 crore. The IPO will close on March 27. The new issue consists of 37,84,000 equity shares worth Rs 10 apiece, with a ceiling on the issue price between Rs 60 and Rs 63

The three-day initial public offering (IPO) will close on April 6, and the bidding for anchor investors will open on March 31, according to the red herring prospectus (RHP).

Through the IPO, the company plans to raise about Rs 130 crore, of which Rs 58 crore will be used to repay loans availed by the company from scheduled commercial banks, and Rs 71 crore for funding working capital requirements, besides general corporate purposes.

"The current grey market premium (GMP) of Udayshivakumar Infra is Rs 10 as of March 23rd, 2023. Considering the upper band price of Rs 35, the share could give a listing gain of 28% to investors," Manish Khanna, Co-founder of Unlisted assets, said.

About 50% of the offer will be available for Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs), 15% for Non-Institutional Bidders, and not less than 35% will be reserved for retail investors. The offer also includes a reservation for subscription by eligible employees.

According to market sources, the grey market premium (GMP) of Udayshivakumar Infra, which indicates the premium commanded by shares in the unlisted market, has dropped down to Rs 6-7.

The proposed IPO will have both fresh issue of shares and offer for sale components.

“We had planned (the IPO in) March 2022 but before that the Ukraine war happened and Nasdaq started crashing. So, all the multiples were going down,” Taku said on the sidelines of an event, adding that the fintech firm continues to be in an IPO ‘ready mode’.

According to market sources, the grey market premium (GMP) of Udayshivakumar Infra, which indicates the premium commanded by shares in the unlisted market, was unchanged at Rs 10. Analysts are mixed on whether investors should subscribe to the IPO given muted market sentiments.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company recorded its highest five-year growth in terms of New Business Individual Rated Premium (IRP) amongst life insurers with PSU bank percentage, with a CAGR of 27.3% between fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2022.

Managing director Mahesh Bhanushali had earlier expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response the IPO received. He said strong demand for the issue reflected the investors' trust and confidence in the company's growth prospects and the management.

According to market sources, Udayshivakumar Infra shares are commanding a premium of Rs 10 in the unlisted market, which is higher than the previous day.

According to market analysts, the grey market premium, which indicates the premium commanded by shares in the unlisted market, fell sharply from subscription closing date to around Rs 15. The company has fixed a price band of Rs 133-140. At the upper end, the company's shares are expected to get listed at 10% premium.

The company has 46 work orders in hand having an aggregate order book value of Rs 1,291 crore, as of the December quarter. Out of these, 30 are ongoing and 16 are new work orders, which are yet to start.

The six companies had filed their preliminary initial public offering (IPO) papers with Sebi between September 2021 and May 2022 and their papers were returned during January-March (till March 10).

DIPAM will drive the listing process for which the Centre had given initial approval in 2017.

About 60% of the offer is reserved for retail investors, while 30% is set aside for non-institutional investors. Meanwhile, 10% of the issue is reserved for Qualified institutional buyers (QIB).

Out of the total 37,84,000 equity shares on offer, not more than 17,97,000 equity shares have been reserved for Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB). A total of 5,39,100 shares have been reserved for Non-Institutional Investors (NII) and the rest for retail individual investors.

In an interview with PTI, Ramdev assured his investors and public shareholders that there would be no impact of Patanjali Foods Ltd's (PFL) operation and financial performance and its growth trajectory will remain intact.

Equity markets were plagued by a host of issues this year including rising interest rates, slowing economic growth, Adani crisis and the latest fallout of the banking crisis in the US. Benchmark Nifty is currently 10% down from its peak.

It is not planning to seek a fresh approval for the IPO immediately from the Securities & Exchange Board of India because of the current choppy market. "We’re not in a hurry to go and, you know, sell it at any cost," managing director K Srinivas told ET.

According to analysts, the grey market premium, which indicates the premium commanded by shares in unlisted markets stoo Rs 20. The company has fixed a price band of Rs 133-140. At the upper end, the shares are expected to list at 14% premium over the issue price.

The ₹412-crore IPO comprised a fresh share issue of ₹180 crore and an offer for sale of 3.93 million shares by existing shareholders. As part of the offer for sale, Nilekani's family trust offloaded 1.44 million shares.

Global Surfaces, which is into processing natural stones and manufacturing engineered quartz, has collected Rs 46 crore from anchor investors and set a price band of Rs 133-140 per share. At the upper end of the price band, the company is expected to fetch Rs 155 crore from the IPO

The proceeds from the IPO will be used for funding additional working capital, investment in strategic acquisitions and other general corporate purposes.

The company's grey market premium is at 18, according to market analysts.The issue was subscribed 5.44 times, driven by strong interest from retail investors

The company has fixed a price band of Rs 133-140. The company plans to raise about Rs 154.98 crore at the upper end of the price band

Religare broking said the company has a strong opportunity in the international market and its new products and designs would aid growth and increase operational efficiency. The brokerage has a "neutral" rating on the public offer.

The price band for its initial public offering has been fixed at Rs 133-140 per share. Investors can bid for a minimum of 100 equity shares and in multiples of 100 equity shares thereafter

Global Surfaces will be open for subscription on Monday to raise funds through an initial public offering. The company will raise Rs 155 crore at the upper price band of the issue. The shares of the company will be listed on both NSE and BSE. The company will be offering 1,10,70,000 equity through the initial public offering through the book-building process.

The size of the IPO wasn’t disclosed. However, according to Krishna Raghavan, Founder, UnlistedKart, a SEBI-registered research analyst firm, Tata Technologies' recent buyback valued the company at Rs 16,080 crore, indicating that the offered size could be at least Rs 3,800 – Rs 4,000 crore.

Aside from investing, reviewing your insurance policies and paying your taxes, make time to upgrade your investment skills. Negotiate with a lender for a lower interest rate on a home loan if you have a credit score above 800. Important personal finance events are tagged in our money calendar 2023-24.
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Zerodha CEO and co-founder Nithin Kamath suggests people invest in this even before doing anything else in their personal finance journey.
Thu, 30 Mar 2023 15:58:49 +0530

Our specially curated package of the most interesting articles of the day will help you stay at the top of your game
Fri, 17 Mar 2023 12:33:47 +0530

Our specially curated package of the most interesting articles of the day will help you stay at the top of your game
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The Centre is reportedly planning a mechanism that will provide mandatory third-party insurance cover for motor vehicle owners at the first instance when their uninsured vehicles are impounded by traffic police or transport department officials.
Tue, 28 Feb 2023 08:23:58 +0530

A daily round-up of the most interesting articles to help jump-start the day.
Sun, 26 Feb 2023 07:33:19 +0530

A daily round-up of the most interesting articles to help jump-start the day.
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Niva Bupa launches a health policy that allows you to carry forward your unutilised sum assured and locks your premium at the age you buy the policy
Fri, 24 Feb 2023 10:51:12 +0530


Rajesh Palviya, Axis Securities told that he likes ICICI Bank at this current juncture. Looking at the daily setup, the stock managed to break out of its multiple resistance area and the weekly close is quite encouraging, according to him.

Another thing that again raises caution is a very sharp decline in volatility. India VIX came off by 15.12% to 12.94. This warrants a high degree of caution while we follow any further moves in the markets.

Accordingly, Sebi has restrained these individuals "from accessing the securities market and further prohibited from buying, selling or otherwise dealing in securities (including units of mutual funds), directly or indirectly, or being associated with the securities market in any manner, whatsoever, for a period of two years."

The size of the IPO has been reduced to Rs 865 crore from Rs 1,025 crore earlier as the company completed a pre-IPO placement of Rs 160 crore.

"Earlier when the lot size of Nifty Bank was reduced to 25 from 40, we had seen a sharp increase in retail participation. This time too, I am sure that the move will encourage more retail participation," Bengaluru-based derivative trader Rajesh Sriwastava told ETMarkets.

According to the study, about 65% of investors are unaware of their exact stock market returns. It might be attributable to the enormous number of transactions they made, not taking into consideration the length of time, capital gains and dividends earned, leverage used, and so on.

In case the market goes against it, the decay in premiums helped cover the MTMs. So much so that trading on expiry became a thing and some of the algo management firms got to managing 100cr+ trading portfolios within a short period of time.

Interest from investors and in turn the mutual fund industry is bound to precipitously expand given the global scenario of climate awareness as well as the benefits (including economic) of responsible business practices.

"With the interest rates going up over the last one year, we have seen valuations going down first. Now, the second leg is starting wherein the earnings will start getting hit. So, margin compression has to still happen globally. It will happen in India as well."

Famous technical analyst John Murphy believes that technical analysis is the study of market performance, using price charts, to predict future price direction.

Bitcoin was created after the 2008 financial crisis, which sowed widespread distrust in the banking system. Early proponents trumpeted the new technology as a safer long-term alternative to banks and traditional currencies.

While the Street is hopeful that FIIs will turn net buyers in FY23 once fears around recession and global banking turmoil eases along with the peaking of Fed's rate hike cycle, analysts are bullish on banks but cautious on IT stocks.

Promoter & promoter group holding in the company stood at 50.16% at the end of the December quarter, according to the BSE website. The latest shareholding at the end of the March quarter is yet to be updated on the website.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Hariom Pipe is a premium manufacturer of iron and steel products. The company has a diverse product portfolio consisting of mild steel billets, pipes and tubes, hot rolled coils and scaffolding systems.

But stock prices keep fluctuating every single second in the live market hours. Premium of Call and Put will also fluctuate every second, and this creates trading opportunities. As a trader you can buy only CE/PE or both (if needed) and can sell it when the price of these premiums goes up.

"There is still a lot of untapped demand for test prep in India. Keeping that in mind, we are expanding our presence across India's tier 2, 3, and 4 cities to ensure we are accessible to students across the country," Maheshwari said.

Recently, Avalon completed a total pre-IPO placement of Rs 160 crore consisting of 80 crore of primary or fresh issuance and 80 crore of secondary share sales. In the pre-IPO placement, the company garnered Rs 60 crore each from UNIFI Financial Private Limited and Ashoka India Equity Investment Trust Plc and Rs 40 crore from India Acorn Fund Limited.

On the contrary, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari said recent bank turmoil has increased the risk of a US recession but that it was too soon to judge what it means for the economy and monetary policy.

" In the next week, which will be a 3-session week, the market may remain volatile. Besides, we have RBI policy meeting as well as US ADP non-farm employment changes that may impact the overall market action."

Vinod Adani, Gautam Adani's brother, is either a beneficial owner, director or has links with those three offshore entities, said the two sources, adding the regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), is probing if lack of that disclosure violated 'related party transaction' rules.

The dividend yield is the annual dividend payment to shareholders expressed as a percentage of the stock's current price.

While in March, the Fed expects a marginal further slowdown in the US economy to 0.4% GDP growth, compared to the 0.5% forecasted in Dec. These forecasts are at low levels compared to the long-term range of 3.5% for the world and 2% for the US.

DIIs were the saving grace as they net bought a record Rs 2.53 lakh crore worth of shares in FY23. Meanwhile, foreign institutional investors were net sellers of Indian equities for the second consecutive financial year. They net sold shares worth Rs 40,413 crore in FY23.

Gaining 70%, Bitcoin is closing out its best quarter since the three months ended March 2021, when it surged some 103%. According to long-time participants, volatility is expected - and is even part of the attraction to investors in the relatively embryonic asset class.

The market lot size for Nifty Bank futures and options has been reduced to 15 from 25, effective from the beginning of July 2023 contracts. In a circular on Friday, the National Stock Exchange said only the far-month contract, i.e., July 2023 expiry contracts, would be revised for market lots

"Building a business is a long-term game, no real business has been built in less than a decade. Therefore, building deeper conviction and long-lasting passion around the problem you want to solve is one of the most important ‘must haves’ for an entrepreneur."

India was the second-best performer among the emerging markets in FY23 after South Africa. Equity benchmarks of some countries, such as Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, fell between 3% and 10% in FY23. The resilience in Indian equities was thanks to the flows from domestic investors.

Reliance Industries jumped 4.3%, leading the gainers after it said it has started the process to demerge its financial services business. On the other hand, IT stocks were also among the top gainers, with the Nifty IT index surging 2.45%. According to fund managers and analysts, Friday's rise was a 'catch-up' rally, and are unwilling to conclude that it's here to stay.

The benchmark S&P 500 posted a 7% gain for the first quarter, which ended on Friday, rebounding after a nearly 20% drop in 2022. The Nasdaq Composite's 16.8% first-quarter jump was its biggest quarterly rise since 2020.

​Meanwhile, foreign investor Societe Generale has bought 1.7% of the company, according to bulk deal data available with NSE.

​​"A meeting of the Board of Directors of Tata Consultancy Services Limited is scheduled to be held on Wednesday,​ April 12, 2023, to approve and take on record the audited standalone and consolidated financial results of the Company under

"In the meeting held on March 31, 2023, the Board considered and approved the allotment of 1,75,93,294 equity shares at a price of Rs 12 per equity share (including a premium of Rs 2 per equity share) (allotment)," it said.

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PVR is majority owned by the public with 52.69% stake, while promoters own 47.31%. Phoenix Mills is among the companies with highest foreign shareholding at 29.27%. Mutual funds, meanwhile, have about 17.55% stake in the company.

A stock split is usually done to increase the liquidity of the stock in the market. On the ex-split date, investors holding the stock until the record date will receive the new shares in Demat accounts, and the stock price will be adjusted according to the split ratio.

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The scope of the examination was specifically to ascertain whether Dhoot violated the provisions of LODR (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) rules and provisions of listing agreement in respect of the submissions that were required to be made by Videocon Industries to the stock exchanges.

Further, MCX submitted its observations to Sebi in June 2018 and conducted a detailed examination to find out whether certain connected entities intended to corner the market on long side in mentha oil contracts thereby violating the position limits as prescribed by the regulator.

That's the read from traders of futures contracts tied to the Fed's policy rate after the U.S. government reported a slight easing in a key gauge of inflation that suggests the U.S. central bank's year-long effort to ease price pressures is making some headway.

The Nasdaq is set for its biggest quarterly percentage gain since the end of 2020 as investors shifted toward major technology and growth stocks from financial stocks amid fears of a bank contagion, while the cyclicals-heavy Dow Jones is in the red.


It is "early days yet in terms of assessing whether we really have gone as far as we need to go," Collins said in an interview on Bloomberg Television following the release of data showing consumer spending was basically flat in February after a large jump in January.

By providing such a facility, they exposed their clients to the risk involved in trading in a product that did not have regulatory approval. The acts by the brokers raised doubts about their competence to act as registered securities market intermediaries, the orders noted.

The year was marked with high inflation, coupled with big events, including the Russia-Ukraine war, Adani Group saga and banking crisis in the US towards the fag-end of the year, which impacted the market the most.





The NSE Nifty index closed 279.05 points up at 17359.75

Batting first, Punjab Kings scored 191/5 riding on a half-century from Sri Lankan Bhanuka Rajapaksa, who smashed 50 off 32 balls and skipper Shikhar Dhawan, who contributed 40 from 29 deliveries.
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The former British colony and current special administrative region of China offers high energy, spectacular skylines, skyscrapers and notoriously high-priced real-estate, but also deep-rooted traditions, culture, heritage and foodie delights — a marriage between the East and West.
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Even though there are killings and the Bangladesh Liberation War at the heart of I See the Face, it’s the psychological framework of men that Bangladeshi novelist Shahidul Zahir seems to be most interested in
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 15:35:21 +0530

Urban balladeer Rabbi Shergill on his love for Amritsar, his upcoming fourth album and why he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind.
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 12:30:31 +0530

Actor Vikrant Massey plays Kapil, a royal family#39;s estate manager, in director Pavan Kirpalani#39;s psychological thriller Gaslight, now streaming on Disney Hotstar
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 12:23:42 +0530

If the Nifty goes past 17,200, it can rise to 17,450 -17,550. The uptrend, however, will be vulnerable on a fall below t 17,200, analysts have said. The RBI policy meet and global cues will be watched next week
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 12:07:34 +0530

By tightening financial conditions enough to curb inflation, the Fed has contributed to a spate of bank failures.
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 11:54:25 +0530

From Rs 2,000 per square foot in 2001, the commercial rental values have appreciated to Rs 40,000 per sq ft. However, with the explosive commercial boom, locals say, the residential areas have been pushed afar.
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 11:36:48 +0530

The Mumbai-based composer duo of a song in the new Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler-starrer Netflix film #39;Murder Mystery 2#39;, after composing film music in Marathi, among others, for 25 years, on their first Hollywood project and being told not to make a #39;Disney song#39;.
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 11:19:26 +0530

Shubham Agarwal suggests three options trading strategies to deal with a pullback or a respite move during volatile times like the ones we are seeing these days
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 10:58:45 +0530

In 2021-22, the department had earned Rs 19,750 crore against the target of Rs 16,500 crore.
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 10:07:44 +0530

Foreign institutional investors turned net buyers this week, buying Rs 2,243.74-crore worth of equities but couldn’t beat domestic institutional investors, who picked up shares worth Rs 4,955.78 crore
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 09:22:44 +0530

BFSI valuations are certainly more attractive. Banks are in a robust balance sheet and credit growth cycle.
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 09:15:36 +0530

Here are some of the key changes and trends that SME owners and marketers need to understand in the coming years.
Sat, 01 Apr 2023 07:43:40 +0530

Founded by Ashish Jakhanwala and Manav Thadani in 2010, Samhi Hotels had first filed for an IPO in September 2019 but later dropped the plans due to market conditions and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Fri, 31 Mar 2023 23:09:51 +0530